The Advocate a.k.a. The Hour of the Pig (1993)

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Director: Leslie Megahey

Writer: Leslie Megahey

Cast: Colin Firth, Ian Holm, Nicol Williamson, Donald Pleasence

Reviews: Internet Movie Database

Synopsis: Set in the 15th century, this medieval movie revolves around the mysterious happenings of a small country hamlet, which is visited by an educated Parisian lawyer named Courtois. Indeed, the townfolk find the young lawyer's education to be just as mysterious as their suspicion of demonic possession in man and animal.

The story is intended to showcase the medieval belief in witchcraft and the influence of the devil in people's actions. Thus we see animals and men alike on trial for various crimes as Courtois becomes involved and nobly tries to bring truth and reason to the populace from his courtroom pulpit. This interesting medieval film, spiced with heavy doses of sexuality and nudity, will leave the viewer scratching their heads over the medieval mindset.

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