Great Expectations (1999)

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Director: Julian Jarrold

Writer: Charles Dickens (novel), Tony Marchant (screenplay)

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Justine Waddell, Charlotte Rampling, Ian McDiarmid, Bernard Hill, Tony Curran, Jo Cameron Brown

Synopsis: Another great Julian Jarrold literary adaptation from one of Charles Dicken's finest stories. The well-known tale of Pip's longtime pursuit to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart Estella isn't glossy or hurried in this film; nothing but believable human performances prevail here.

Gruffudd and Waddell elegantly display the hushed and ambiguous nature of their character's relationship in a way perfectly faithful to the novel. At the same time, one would be hard-pressed to find an actress more suitable for the eccentric Miss Havisham than the superb Charlotte Rampling. It can easily be said that, of the six film versions of this classic work, this production is definitely a contender for the premier spot.

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