Immortal Beloved (1994)

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Director: Bernard Rose

Writer: Bernard Rose

Cast: Gary Oldman, Jeroen Krabbe, Isabella Rossellini, Johanna ter Steege, Valeria Golino, Christopher Fulford

Reviews: Internet Movie Database

Synopsis: Gary Oldman offers up a truly convincing protrayal of the great Ludwig van Beethoven in this musical period movie. The plot revolves around a mysterious letter that Beethoven had written to his 'Immortal Beloved' and this film incorporates a great deal of poetic license in resolving the mystery.

The details of Beethoven's romantic life aside, the movie is enhanced with his musical masterpieces while also imparting a sense of the momentous historical events that he lived through. Any lover of classical music will enjoy this treatment of the immortal composer's life and passions.

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