Ivanhoe (1997)

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Director: Stuart Orme

Writer: Sir Walter Scott (novel), Deborah Cook (screenplay)

Cast: Steven Waddington, James Cosmo, Victoria Smurfit, Christopher Lee, Ciaran Hinds, Susan Lynch, Rory Edwards, Ralph Brown, Valentine Pelka

Synopsis: Adapted from Sir Walter Scott's novel about a 12th century Saxon knight returning to England after crusading in the Holy Land. Amid the backdrop of an England ruled by the corrupt Prince John, whilst his brother Richard the Lionhearted is held in captivity, Ivanhoe seeks to regain his honor that has been stained by viscious calumnies during his absense.

Pitted against him is the Templar knight, Bois-Guilbert, whose intrigue and violence help fuel the bitterness between the Saxons and Normans. The brave Rebecca, a Jewish healer, becomes the competitive prize for which both knights yearn and eventually offers the principal characters their much needed redemption. Set amongst verdant English forests and dilapidated castles, as well as providing plenty of swordplay, jousting, and feasting this six part medieval period production is a rare gem.

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