Northanger Abbey (2007)

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Director: Jon Jones

Writer: Jane Austen (novel), Andrew Davies (screenplay)

Cast: Felicity Jones, JJ Feild, Mark Dymond, Liam Cunningham, Carey Mulligan, William Beck

Synopsis: This Masterpiece Theatre made for TV adaptation of Jane Austen's first completed novel. The young Catherine Morland, greatly impressed though misled by Ann Radcliffe's gothic novels, yearns for the day when a romantic gentleman will sweep her off of her feet. After a neighbourly invitation to Bath, Catherine becomes engrossed in the dazzling social life and soon makes acquaintance with the Tilney and Thorpe families.

However, in her innocence, she is unaware of the manipulation these two families exact upon her as she becomes pursued by a son from each. With another great script from Andrew Davies and lively acting from some period newcomers this film does justice to Jane Austen's themes of gothic enchantment and youthful bliss tempered with a mature view of the realities of romantic engagements.

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