To Kill a King (2003)

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Director: Mike Barker

Writer: Jenny Mayhew

Cast: Tim Roth, Dougray Scott, Olivia Williams, Rupert Everett, James Bolam, Corin Redgrave

Synopsis: The heady days of 17th century England the future of the English monarchs looked bleak. None moreso than Charles I (Rupert Everett), who was found guilty of treason by the Parliament which he had a habit of abusing.

Led by Oliver Cromwell (Tim Roth) and his puritanical followers a new government was developed with himself at the helm as Lord Protector of the Realm. However, Sir Thomas Fairfax (Dougray Scott), his noble ally in the English Civil Wars, soon wearies of Cromwellian excesses.

Bedeviled by his wife's (Olivia Williams) recriminations concerning his noble duty, and torn between a desire to rectify the king's abuse of power and his own feelings of allegiance to the crown, Fairfax ultimately abandons Cromwell and recedes from public life to nuture idealistic dreams of freedom and civil harmony. An altogether wonderful period film about one of the most disruptive and bloody periods in English history.

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