Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991)

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Director: Charles Sturridge

Writer: E.M. Forster (novel), Tim Sullivan & Derek Granger (screenplay)

Cast: Rupert Graves, Helen Mirren, Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis, Thomas Wheatley, Vass Anderson

Synopsis: Where Angels Fear to Tread is a Merchant/Ivory production in all but name. Lilia (Helen Mirren) is a wealthy widow on holiday in rural Italy with her companion Caroline (Helena Bonham Carter) when she falls for penniless local Gino (Giovanni Guidelli).

Her horrified relatives promptly dispatch brother-in-law Philip (Rupert Graves) to break things up, but he's too late--she's already married and, in short order, gives birth to a child. Unfortunately, a happy ending is not to be (not for Lilia, at any rate). As with many of E.M. Forster's novels the tone is tragic rather than romantic. Another Forster period piece regular, Judy Davis, plays Lilia's sister-in-law, Harriet, while Oscar winner Rachel Portman composed the enchanting score.

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